Glossary of educational facilities

TBTown Brain—central production and servicing for educational facilities (EF).
IESCIndustrial/Educational Show-case—part of general and particular industrial development; display and recruitment.
CESCCommercial/Educational Show-case—display and information-related normal shopping facilities together with tuned-up post office, banking, etc., services often dispensed in self-serve machinery.
ALAuto-link—EF made available to private cars—radio station, two-way telephone, charts—possible back seat monitors at later stage.
RTSRapid Transit Servicing—EFs in any current form of rapid transit—buses, trains, etc. Information panels—route maps, timetables for EF. Later stage work stations and also information on regional trains.
HSSHome Study Station—major element likely to become even more important in later stage. It may be located within existing house or additional to it.
ITTInfant Teach Toy—easily relocatable to meet rapid age group alteration of patterning in 20,000 person housing areas.
OASOpen Air Servicing—enabling additional educational feeds from conventional outside activities. A large growth element of the scheme.
LCLife Conditioner—two forms, box and tent. Box contains intensive teaching learning facilities and controlled medium-sized volumes food drink and CESC. Tent—workshops, laboratories, experimental buildings, etc. Boxes likely to be less frequent in Phase III because of growth of HSS, while tents likely to increase.

EAVETElectronic Audio-Visual Equipment and Techniques.

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